There are about 30 ICBunko throughout the UK. These are attended by about 550 children aged from around 2 to 9 years old. Each ICBunko is organised by the parents of the children. ICBA UK supports them with supplies of books, information and regular meetings. This is the list of all the ICBunko currently in the UK.

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Korisu Epsom, Surrey Korisu

Korisu Bunko was originally based in Hampton, but since September 2018 the Korisu Bunko is based in Bookham, Surrey. We have six children (4 families) and meet every other Saturday (10.30 – 12.30) at the leader’s house. Our main activities include reading picture books and Kamishibai (paper theatre), radio gymnastic exercises and singing nursery rhymes. Every month we introduce our children Japanese events that take place in that month through crafts and games.
(Korisu-bunko is opened in 1983 and the oldest one among the Japanese Bunko.)

Kamome Brighton & Hove Kamome

Kamome bunko comprises of children of a rage of age groups, from 3 years to teenagers, gather together like a big family. Once a year we organise an Open Day to introduce Japanese culture to the local community as well as to show off the outcome of our activities. This has been very successful with more and more people visiting every year.

Akebono Chandler's ford, Hampshire Akebono

We hope that children learn and understand Japanese culture and become interested in Japanese language by listening to stories and participating in traditional events. We also encourage children to speak to parents or other adults as well as socialise amongst the children and hope that they learn to respect each other and be polite and learn to take the initiative.

Fukurou Woking, West Surrey Fukurou

We started as a Woking based bunko in May 2014, and moved the base around Guildford. Since spring 2019 We have now moved back once again to Woking. We are very small Bunko for specifically children aged between 2 and 4. We try to swap roles amongst members in order to run our Bunko each term.

Apart from our usual activities, we organise special events such as somen nagashi (noodle cascade through bamboo) etc. so as to give opportunities to the children in the area to know Japanese culture.

Sakuranbo Tunbridge Wells, Kent Sakuranbo

We aim to form a kind of “children’s meeting place” where new friends are always welcome and children who have grown out of the bunko feel welcomed and join the group whenever they can.

Wight Isle of Wight Wight

Our main activities include reading picture books, showing Kamishibai and introducing traditional and seasonal events and their associated games, through which we hope children get familiar with the Japanese language.  We aim to create a fun place for our children.