Nelson Bunko Kabutomushi Bunko, Ms Akie Maruyama, a representative of ICBA Head Office in Tokyo were granted The Itochu Memorial Foundation Kodomo Bunko Promotion award!

The Itochu Memorial Foundation Kodomo Bunko Promotion 2018 award ceremony was held on 1st March 2019.

This year 78 bunko/organisations out of 138 applications were granted the awards. 12 overseas applications were made and 9 were granted the awards. From ICBA, two bunko from the UK made applications. Nelson Bunko was awarded Y300,000 for the category “promoting/assisting the purchase of books for children” and Kabutomushi Bunko was awarded for the category “one hundred children’s books”.

Three individuals were given an award for distinguished service, specifically running and promoting children’s bunko activities over a long time (over 20 years). Ms Akie Maruyama of ICBA Tokyo Head Office was given an award for promoting International Bunko.

伊藤忠記念財団子ども文庫助成 贈呈式 – ネルソン文庫、かぶとむし文庫、および東京本部の丸山明栄代表が受賞しました!

2018年度 伊藤忠記念財団子ども文庫助成贈呈式が3月1日に 行われました。

今年は助成応募件数138件の中から78の文庫・団体が受賞。そのうち海外からの応募は12件、助成件数は9件でした。ICBAから の応募はUK支部からの2件で、ネルソン文庫が「子どもの本購入助成」30万円を、 かぶとむし文庫が「100冊助成」を受賞しました。

また、子ども文庫を長年に亘り(20年以上)運営し、子どもの読書活動に貢献されてきた個人に贈られる功労賞は、今年度は3名が受賞。ICBAからは、東京本部の丸山明栄代表が 国際文庫貢献賞を受賞しました。

Japanese Ambassador’s Commendation to Ms. Yoko Morishima

On 24 November 2017, the ceremony for the bestowal of the Ambassador’s Commendation to Ms. Yoko Morishima, ICBA UK Branch Manager, was held at The Embassy of Japan. Her long term contribution to the Japanese community in London was highly appraised. 

We are so delighted and proud that her 40 year volunteer work, devoted to Double Children was appreciated.

The Ambassador presenting the award to Ms. Morishima
Ms. Morishima was also presented with a brooch to mark the occasion
The award and brooch: the brooch was designed with 5 flower symbols representing, Cherry (Japan), Rose (England), Thistle (Scotland), Daffodil (Wales) and Shamrock (Northen Ireland).
The article featured on Chunichi Shinbun (Morning paper), 6th December 2017


昨年11月24日、日本大使館でICBA UK支部長の森嶋瑶子氏の在外公館長表彰授与式が行われました。ロンドンの日本人ソサエティーへの長年の貢献に対する表彰です。40年に渡るボランティア活動、ICBA UKの支部長として日英のダブルチルドレンのために尽力された功績が認められたことを心から祝福するとともに誇りに思います。





2017年12月6日 中日新聞朝刊



We are based in Merseyside and Chester area. We meet every week at one of our member’s house. Our bunko has 13 children (7 families). The main activities include crafts, reading books, singing songs and Kamishibai. Our aim is to create a fun environment for using Japanese language, so that using Japanese becomes a part of children’s everyday life.


Our main activities include reading picture books, showing Kamishibai and introducing traditional and seasonal events and their associated games, through which we hope children get familiar with the Japanese language.  We aim to create a fun place for our children.